What is Legal Malpractice? – Explained

what is legal malpractice

Have you ever been wondering what is legal malpractice? When you find yourself in a legal bind, you want to hire the best legal representation you can find. Unfortunately, some people aren’t lucky enough to receive the best legal advice from the attorney they hire. When a person’s legal representative […]

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Trading of Short – Term Unit Investment Trusts Ends with Suspension and Fines

By Tom Costello of Costello Law Group FINRA suspended ex LPL broker, Mark Tauzin, from the securities industry for eight months for unsuitable short-term trading of unit investment trusts (UITs). FINRA alleged the short term trading was for the purpose of generating excessive commissions. FINRA ordered Tauzin to repay clients $205,000 plus interest […]

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Broker Barred for Non-Compliance with FINRA Rules

By Tom Costello of Costello Law Group Henry Al Dean Watson, a former Hillard Lyons broker, was barred by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) for allegedly engaging in unauthorized trades and excessive trading. Watson recently settled a customer claim relating to those allegations. Watson refused to testify in the regulatory proceeding against […]

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Texas Firm and Founding Member Suspended for Five Years

By Tom Costello of Costello Law Group posted in Securities on Monday, April 10, 2017. Jens Pinkernell and his firm J. Pinkernell Global Wealth was suspended for five years by the Texas Securities Commissioner for over charging two clients. Pinkernell allegedly overcharged the clients approximately $47,000 over a three year period. According to the Texas Securities […]

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Commonwealth of Massachusetts Charges Advisor for Operation Ponzi Scheme

By Tom Costello of Costello Law Group  The Secretary of the Commonwealth in Massachusetts, William Galvin, charged Stephen Eubanks for engaging in a Ponzi scheme. Eubanks solicited customers to purchase shares of a fund he managed named “Eubiquity Capital Fund.” According to authorities in Massachusetts, instead of investing customer monies in the Eubiquity […]

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Broker Barred for Borrowing $300k from Clients

By Tom Costello of Costello Law Group  A former Morgan Stanley broker, Jeffrey Hunter Smith, was barred from the securities industry by FINRA for borrowing money from clients. Smith was registered with Morgan Stanley from 2009 to 2015. During his time there, Smith borrowed $300,000 from two clients without any written approval or […]

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Broker Wires $370k from Family Accounts

By Tom Costello of Costello Law Group  As a result of allegedly missing numerous red flags of broker misconduct, FINRA fined Ameriprise $850,000. The fine was imposed as a result of Ameriprise management’s failure to detect nine wire transfers, totaling $370,000, from customer accounts to the personal account of an Ameriprise Financial advisor. […]

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Executive Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Investors out of $38 million

By Tom Costello of Costello Law Group  Andrew Caspersen, a former Park Hill Group executive, has agreed to a settlement with the SEC that bars him from the securities industry. Caspersen also pleaded guilty in July to defrauding investors out of more than $38 million. Caspersen will be sentenced on November 2, 2016. […]

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Churning Costs Firm $2 million

By Tom Costello of Costello Law Group  Greg Caldwell, the founder of Caldwell International Securities, was barred from the financial industry by FINRA for allegedly churning customers’ accounts. The firm will have to pay a $2 million fine for failing to supervise and prevent the abusive sales practices engaged in by Greg Caldwell. […]

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