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Representing Clients In Baltimore And Nationwide Home Blog The Holiday Season Brings the Potential for Scams and Fraud

By Tom Costello of Costello Law Group  As the holiday season approaches, it is important to be on the lookout for identity theft and financial scams. Those most likely to be targeted are those who are age 50 and older. This demographic is believed to be the most vulnerable and an easy target […]

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Oklahoma Court Orders New Arbitration After Investor is not Satisfied with Award

By Tom Costello of Costello Law Group  Earlier this month, an Oklahoma court ordered a new arbitration hearing for an investor’s claims against Geary Securities Inc. Steven Admire argued that the arbitration panel failed to provide him with an adequate award of damages. Mr. Admire claimed a total of $1.6 million in damages […]

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Broker-Dealer to Pro Athletes Barred and Fined Nearly $14 million

By Tom Costello of Costello Law Group  Success Trade Securities, Inc. and its founder, Fuad Ahmed, were barred from the securities industry by a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) as a result of allegedly defrauding fifty-nine clients, many of which were pro athletes. FINRA also ordered the firm and Ahmed to pay $13.7 […]

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Former Raymond James Advisor Barred

By Tom Costello of Costello Law Group  The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) barred Claus Foerster, a former Raymond James advisor, for swindling about $3 million from clients through a Ponzi scheme. Foerster allegedly transferred funds from clients’ brokerage accounts into a phantom income fund called “S.G. Investments.” In reality, “S.G. Investments” was […]

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Tom Clancy’s Estate Attorney Faces Suit for 6 Million Dollar Mistake

By Tom Costello of Costello Law Group  According to the Daily Record, Tom Clancy’s widow, Alexandra Llewellyn Clancy, is attempting to remove J.W. Thompson Webb, Clancy’s estate attorney, as personal representative of Clancy’s estate. Clancy’s estate is valued at a $83 million, a majority of which is Clancy’s 12-percent-stake in the Baltimore Orioles. […]

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