Monthly Archives: May 2015

Total Wealth Management in Trouble After Allegedly using Client Funds to Settle Regulatory Claims

By Tom Costello of Costello Law Group Total Wealth Management and its founder, Jacob Cooper, are in trouble again with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) after using client funds to settle a prior case with the SEC. To help settle the original charges, the firm and Cooper allegedly misappropriated $150,000 of client […]

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“Turn Around Queen” Lynn Tilton faces Charges by the SEC

By Tom Costello of Costello Law Group  The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed charges against Lynn Tilton and her companies, Patriarch Partners, after allegedly defrauding investors. The SEC believes Tilton and Patriarch Partners failed to disclose the poor performance of loan assets held by the firm’s Zohar funds, allowing her to […]

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Brookville Capital Partners to Pay $1.5 million

By Tom Costello of Costello Law Group The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has ordered Brookville Capital Partners to pay a total of $1.5 million and barred its president, Anthony Lodati, as a result of alleged fraudulent conduct. FINRA believes that Brookville, under the supervision of Lodati, deceptively offered and sold 29 clients […]

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