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When you are caring for an elderly family member or a minor child, making smart decisions to protect their health and assets is important. However, you must obtain the legal authority to make those important decisions.

The Costello Law Group has extensive experience helping clients navigate guardianship proceedings. Our compassionate, client-focused attorneys understand that in these situations clients typically have more than enough to deal with at home. That is why we are dedicated to minimizing difficulties with the legal process so it is as easy and stress-free as possible.

Elderly Guardianships

When an elderly person is no longer able to manage daily tasks, properly care for himself or herself or make essential financial and medical decisions, a guardianship may be granted by the court. For many individuals who want to maintain their independence, these transitions can be difficult and may even be contested.


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The Costello Law Group understands these delicate situations and can help family members advocate for what they believe is best while protecting the dignity of the person who needs care. Their compassionate attorneys are passionate about helping families navigate these difficult processes with grace and respect.

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