Former Broker to A-List Celebrities Faces Fraud Charges

Apr 24, 2014

Earlier this year, after allegations of fraudulently spending ten thousand dollars with someone else’s credit card, Dana Giacchetto was charged with fraud. Giacchetto has served as financial advisor to A-list celebrities such as Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio.

In 2000, Giacchetto faced similar charges of embezzling $10 million from many of his well-known clients. Giacchetto plead guilty to those charges and was sentenced to fifty-seven months in prison. This time around, Giacchetto and his attorney claim that he is innocent and they are both puzzled by the complaint.

The complaint was filed in December 2013 by Mark Ballantyne, a police detective. Ballantyne believes that the fraud began in early 2013 when Giacchetto used a man’s credit card to pay for numerous items such as airline tickets, food, alcohol, and even dental work. The dentist identified Giacchetto from a photograph as the one who used the card. After posting the $150,000 bond, Giacchetto was released and is residing with his parents in Boston until the trial.

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