Former Frederick Attorney Faces a Maximum of 23 years

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Former Frederick attorney, Richard A. Brennan, is now facing jail time after pleading guilty to mail fraud and tax charges. Brennan first opened his practice in 2006 with the main focus of providing clients with debt-settlement services. Brennan allegedly misappropriated clients’ funds intended to pay off their debts, and used the money for his own needs. Over a three year period this caused his clients to lose about $2.9 million. In 2007, the Maryland Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division investigated him for these allegations. The Attorney General and Brennan came to a settlement in which he would pay $200,000 in fines and costs and repay clients harmed by his scheme. Unfortunately, Brennan never followed the terms of the settlement and never returned any of the money to his clients.

In 2009, Brennan was disbarred from his legal practice. Prosecutors in this case are seeking almost $300,000 to be paid back to the government for unpaid taxes. Under his plea agreement, Brennan has agreed to pay $2.9 million in restitution. Prosecutors are seeking a three and a half year sentence for Brennan.

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