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Nowadays it’s very difficult to find a good investment lawyer. However, when you need to get the right attorney, there is always an excellent law firm you can count on. If you live in Towson, Maryland, that firm is the Costello Law Group.

Costello Law Group has been in business for over 25 years. During that time, it always provided its clients with an excellent investment lawyer or two. Of course, like any law firm worth its salt, the Costello Law group offers different services. It deals with venture capital, employment law, real estate, asset management and many other fields where you might need a legal representative.

Don’t hesitate to call them even if you’re not from Maryland. Costello Law Group covers cases from all over the USA. All you need to do is visit its official website and fill in a form. You can also contact this law firm via phone or e-mail.

The firm itself was founded by Thomas C. Costello. For over 21 years, he has represented a vast number of investors. During his tenure, he recovered more than $35 million for the clients he represented. His impressive results continued when he founded the firm. For example, in 2015 alone, the Costello Law Group recovered $10 million.

With numbers as high as these, you really don’t have to think twice. Hiring an investment lawyer from the Costello Law Group might just be the smartest move you’ve made.

What Does an Investment Lawyer Do?

An investment lawyer is an expert in financial law. Sometimes they’re also called finance lawyers or financial attorneys.

These lawyers help their clients with many different financial matters that usually fall under several categories. These include project finance, banking, private equity finance, and real estate finance. Of course, every single investment lawyer must have a degree. The best way to see if your lawyer is legitimate is to find out if his degree is approved by the American Bar Association or ABA. In addition, they must have licensure before they take up any case.

What Are the Duties of an Investment Lawyer?

An investment lawyer must know everything about their client’s needs. Let’s say that a client wants to set up a new business or wants to go into real estate investment. The lawyer first has to advise them on how to go about this new project. In addition, they can help the client get the proper paperwork and documentation. Faulty paperwork can lead to regulatory issues. Of course, lawyers also provide advice on employee contract drafting and bank loans.

Naturally, criminal offense isn’t excluded from financial investments lawyers’ list of duties. They can and will represent clients when they have to stand trial.

Qualifications of a Good Investment Lawyer

A proper finance lawyer will first graduate college and take the Law School Admission Test or LSAT. Next, they will go to a school with ABA accreditation. Usually, these studies last for three years. However, after the first year, the lawyer can specialize in finance by taking up different courses. These include business law taxation, securities, and investment regulation, and corporate finance. A graduate then gets a Juris Doctor degree. Once they do, they need to complete the bar exam of their state and begin their practice.

The education doesn’t have to stop there, however. An investment lawyer can take up a 1-year Master of Laws or LL.M program. Prospective lawyers can also get designations from the American Board of Certification for better employment prospects.

Do Costello Law Group Lawyers Fit All of That?

Yes, in more ways than one. In fact, the firm covers several areas of practice. Let’s go over them one by one.


Estate Planning

You need to plan for your future. Once you’re gone, your estate will have to go to your family or your loved ones. For that reason, you need decent estate planning, and Costello Law Group has you covered.

Basic estate plans include attorney powers, advance directives and wills. The first part is evident from the name itself. Namely, the firm helps you choose someone who can make financial and legal decisions when you’re not able to do so. Advance directives deal with others making medical decisions for you in case of an emergency. Finally, there are wills and, once again, they’re self-explanatory. The law firm will provide you with instructions on how to transfer what you own after you’ve passed and who will be the person to do it.

Aside from these basic elements, estate plans usually include various investment trusts. Each serves a different purpose, and the lawyers of Costello Law Group can help you go over them more easily.

Right now, Costello Law Group covers several types of estate planning:

  1. Wills
  2. Trusts
  3. Estate litigation
  4. Estate & Probe administration
  5. Tax planning
  6. Guardianship


Fraud is everywhere. From venture capital to real estate law, nothing is immune from fraud. So what can you do? How can you protect your intellectual property from fraud? Or your finances? The answer is simple — get a good fraud lawyer. Securities law arbitration is important, and the Costello Law Group is aware of that. Because of that, they provide the best fraud lawyers in the country.

You can never be too safe when it comes to business. Literally, anything can make you lose money or file for bankruptcy. For example, stockbroker misconduct and investment fraud can make people poor overnight. For these reasons, Costello lawyers offer both representation and consultation on this subject. They can also help you out in case of professional malpractice.

A law firm has to deal with security disputes between brokerage firms and their investors almost every day. If you need to settle a dispute, you do it before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority or FINRA. The Costello Law Firm has done this procedure many times. In fact, they have represented hundreds of investors and firms. The positive results speak for themselves.

Personal Injury

Injuries are common, sometimes far too common. In case you suffer an injury, you’ll need insurance to cover you. But before you do business with one, you have to talk to a good investments lawyer. So which personal injury settlements does Costello Law Group cover?

First and foremost, the firm deals with motor vehicle accidents. These can include motorcycles, commercial trucks, SUV rollovers, and regular car accidents. Next, it deals with hit-and-run cases involving pedestrians or bicycle riders. Then they coverslipping and trips in an office space due to the poor condition of an office. Finally, they cover issues regarding abuse in nursing homes or general neglect.

Of course, the firm will provide you with a free consultation before the lawyers take up your case. At the moment, Costello Law Group only covers personal injury settlements in Maryland, Northern Virginia and Delaware, as well as Washington, DC.

Nursing Home Abuse

As stated above, the Costello Law Group covers cases of nursing home abuse. Anyone who has elderly family members can face these problems, and they definitely require legal representation.

A senior citizen can suffer different types of abuse at a nursing home. You might recognize some of the symptoms easily. These include bruises, bedsores, internal injuries and fractures, cuts, and unexplained injuries in general. But sometimes these aren’t the only signs you might notice. If your loved one begins to act “out of character” in a nursing home, that’s often a sign that not everything is right there.

Safety is important, which is why the Costello Law Group specializes in cases that include abuse. Of course, abuse doesn’t even have to be overt. Sometimes the person in charge of the elderly doesn’t pay enough attention to them, and they end up harming themselves somehow. Neglect is a serious legal offense, and the guilty party must be prosecuted for it.

Professional Malpractice

Professional malpractice also goes under the name white-collar crime. How many times have you seen or heard of financial investment lawyers who robbed their clients blind? Or of people accusing their investment advisers of a crime they did not commit? In both cases, proper criminal defense is a must.

The Costello Law Group has overseen many cases of malpractice. In other words, they covered both slighted clients and wrongly-accused professionals. Because of that, the firm offers you a complete, in-depth look at the problem. It covers financial advisory, legal, accountant and broker/insurance agent malpractice. So let’s say you have a problem with outstanding fees or conflicts of interest. Or maybe there’s a conflict of interest or a breach of fiduciary duty. All you need to do is contact your Costello lawyers, and they’re on the job. In addition to these issues, they also deal with birth injuries, lack of performance, medical negligence and wrongful deaths.

Medical malpractice, in general, is very common. In fact, there are lots of popular articles on law blogs about this subject. They often make lists of law firms which can help you with this problem. Don’t be surprised to find the lawyers of the Costello Law group on these lists.

Once you hire them, the Costello lawyers will be there with you every step of the way. They always strive to maintain a great attorney-client relationship.

Finance Lawyer and Investment Banker Salary

People often ask how much an investment lawyer earns. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average lawyer earned $136,260 per year in 2015. In Maryland, where Costello Law Group is located, the average lawyer has an annual salary of $82,594. In other words, they make a little under $40 an hour.


If you’re interested in real estate investment or have a case involving personal injuries, get in touch with the Costello Law Group. Over 25 years of experience, hundreds of satisfied clients and millions of dollars recovered tell you everything you need to know about this law firm. Don’t wait around, call now!


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