Maryland’s Proposed Slayer’s Law

Mar 13, 2013

Maryland is currently in the minority of states without a “Slayer’s Law” to prevent murderers from financially benefitting from their victim’s death. However, that may change with proposed legislation known as the “Ann Sue Metz Law” recently heard by the House Judiciary Committee and Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. The proposed legislation is named after Ann Sue Metz who was brutally murdered in 2009 by Marshall Franklin Metz, her husband of 38 years. Despite being convicted of first degree murder and serving a life sentence, Mr. Metz was able to sell the house he owned with his deceased wife as well as much of her personal property in the home. The Ann Sue Metz Law provides that “A person who feloniously and intentionally kills, conspires to kill, or procures the killing of a decedent is disqualified from inheriting, taking, enjoying, receiving, or otherwise benefitting from the death, probate estate, or nonprobate property of the decedent.” If it is passed by the General Assembly, the law would take effect on October 31, 2013.

A copy of House Bill 735 and Senate Bill 517 can be found at the following links:


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