When An Elderly Person Suffers Injury At A Nursing Home

The decision to move an elderly parent or relative to a nursing home is never easy. While you can research and seek recommendations, it is impossible to know how your loved one will be treated. If you have concerns about an injury, speak with an attorney. Even with protocols in place, abuse, carelessness or improper care might have been the cause for nursing home neglect and our abuse lawyers can help.

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Possible Signs Of Elder Neglect And Abuse

What are some of the signs that could indicate something like nursing home abuse? They are often wide-ranging, but can include:

  • Unexplained or severe bruises that could be symptomatic of improper care or neglect
  • Fractures or internal injuries, which can happen during a fall when there is inadequate supervision
  • Bedsores (pressure ulcers) caused when bedridden patients remain in the same position
  • Other unexplained injuries or conduct by staff that causes concerns such as shaking or yelling

A change in the behavior of a loved one is another indication that something might not be right. The lawyers at the Costello Law Group have the experience and resources to hold abusive staff members accountable as well as organizations that allow a culture of elder abuse and neglect to occur with our professional nursing home abuse lawyers.

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